Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Family Vacation

Recently, Team Gilles took its first family vacation as a foursome... A flight to Boston to attend my cousin KP's wedding. We had 'Nani and Baa' as backup on the flights with us, but didn't require their assistance nearly as much as I feared -- our kids were great travelers! Once we were there, we stayed with the Baglieris (our parent-partners-in-crime in the family) where we were treated to fabulous hospitality and lots of fun moments, especially since their son Nick and Gabe are only a few weeks apart in age. Big sister Ashley was a mini-mom to baby sister Claire too.... And that was only with one of the families we were priveleged to hang out with for 4 too-short days. I think Gabe's highlight was cutting a rug on the dance floor - check out this and other fun here:

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