Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am so glad that there are only 2 weeks left till Election Day. I, for one, am tired of the campaign ads that reduce my enjoyment of the little TV time I get between episodes of Curious George and Thomas the Train. However, I think it is not only our right, but our duty, to get out and vote, so last week I completed my voter registration for our new address. Today I sat down to finalize my voting decisions, and I found a great website to help make sure that I had chosen the best candidate for my personal views. Maybe it will help you out too: http://www.speakout.com/VoteMatch/Pres2008.asp You answer a quiz and based on your responses, it tells you which candidate best matches your values. It also describes what some of the buzzwords floating around mean, which I found useful. Check it out, or not, but whatever you do, get out and VOTE!

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