Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing with our Food

The magic "I love to eat" switch has gone on in Claire, and now mealtimes are the highlights of her day. In the span of two weeks, she's gone from reluctantly accepting a spoon in her mouth to gobbling up anything you put in front of her. Her pincer grasp is developed enough that now she loves to work on feeding herself. Today I tried diced pears, sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs so they'd be less slippery. It was messy, but worth it!

While I was shooting Claire's new feat, Gabe asked for a turn in front of the camera. Here he's sporting his "big-boy" muscles and new big-boy haircut.

Like Father, Like Son

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Two days before it snowed, we took the kids to the tree farm nearby and Jesse (with Gabe's help) cut down our tree.
Now it's up and Claire is VERY interested in it. Even though she's not quite crawling, she somehow finds a way to scoot or roll over to the tree and play with the "tattle bells" that I always hang at the bottom of the tree to let me know when a kid or cat is messing with the tree.

Then, last Friday Abby and Reese Vivoda and Claire and I almost finished all of our Christmas shopping. The girls were troopers until the last 1/2 hour before going home, so we got very lucky with getting through our lists. The next morning I started wrapping up our gifts, and Gabe swiped my "stickers". What a great helper. :)

Snow Fun

Now that the snow is here to stay, Gabe and Paddington have been having a blast being outside. Mama and Claire, not so much... Although after watching P's and Gabe wrestle in the snow on such a beautiful sunny day, I couldn't resist donning the Sorel's and Baby Bjorn (even though Claire is almost too big for it) to be able to capture these fun moments on camera.

The cats used to love being outside, but they, too, are fair-weather fans now the ground is snow covered.

New Games

Over Thanksgiving weekend Claire tried out her first spin in the walker. Gabe was quite excited to drive her around in it, and even more excited when we took her out so he could ride it himself. :) Claire didn't seem to mind being steered around the house - anything that Gabe does is awesome in her book.

Gabe has also taken a liking to playing games on the computer. It's scary how quickly he picked up using the mouse and how well he can play "Thomas Game" (on or "Trucks" (on

Peek-a-Blue Eyes!

Denver Trip

Several weeks ago my whole family went out to Denver to see Erni's new digs: her boyfriend Adam's house (where she currently resides), her hospital where she works, basically everything that she now calls "home". Over the weekend we ventured up into the mountains and shared an early Thanksgiving before the Hecks and Jilly went back to WI. Mom, Dad, the kids and I stayed till Thursday, and had some fun. Here are a few of my favorite moments - can't wait till Erni and Heck get around to posting their pictures too that I can link to.... ;)

Jilly and I posed for a photo while the kids slept in the car.

Grand Lake, CO

Gabe konked out through much of the drive to the mountains. I guess playing with his new basketball wore the poor guy out.