Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas

Two days before it snowed, we took the kids to the tree farm nearby and Jesse (with Gabe's help) cut down our tree.
Now it's up and Claire is VERY interested in it. Even though she's not quite crawling, she somehow finds a way to scoot or roll over to the tree and play with the "tattle bells" that I always hang at the bottom of the tree to let me know when a kid or cat is messing with the tree.

Then, last Friday Abby and Reese Vivoda and Claire and I almost finished all of our Christmas shopping. The girls were troopers until the last 1/2 hour before going home, so we got very lucky with getting through our lists. The next morning I started wrapping up our gifts, and Gabe swiped my "stickers". What a great helper. :)

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