Thursday, January 22, 2009

First Snowman

We did it!! Sure, it's a little height-challenged, but what do you expect when you get an overtired infant, an over-eager toddler, and a meddlesome dog as your fellow sculptors? We had fun outside on one of the last "nice" snow days we'll have in awhile - tomorrow's forecast is back to single-digit highs... :(

Monday, January 5, 2009

Far Too Much Fun to be Contained in 1 Blog

Pictures from our Christmas Festivities and New Year's Frolicking are now available through our web albums: Christmas is here and New Year's Rockin' Eve is here. Katherin & Carl also captured some prize moments, available here.

We had a fantastic Christmas with the kids and both of our families. All of us were sufficiently spoiled. Now that Claire is crawling (a skill she mastered the day after Christmas), there is some competition for toys. I frequently find Gabe playing "juggy-balls" (thanks Carl) with Claire's pop-up ball toy or stacking up her new soft blocks to crash int with his dump trucks. However, Claire is also keen on chewing the wheels of Gabe's remote control bounce-back race car. I guess all's fair in love & war.

New Year's Rockin' Eve was another wild time. As usual, it started out civilized with games of Rock Band and Pictionary, yet somehow ended with a 1am sled ride into the ravine. The next morning, when aches and pains had yet to subside (namely Jesse's bruised/cracked rib), it was decided that drunken sledding should not be done at future New Year's Parties, or at least a new location should be found. Silly boys. Not even I escaped unscathed, spending much of New Year's Day nursing my first hangover in over 2 years. I guess it's safe to say a good time was had by all. I am sad to report that there was no MVP this year -- without the Enwalds or Atkinsons present, no one qualified. ;)

Thanks to all you party people who make the pilgrimage to RF to show us how to ring in the New Year right!