Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Saturday (the day before Gabe's birthday) we embarked on the delightful journey into potty-training, so our plans to take Gabe on a fun outing to celebrate turning 3 were slightly derailed as we were not brave enough to venture long with a newly-underweared birthday boy and his busy baby sister. Unknowingly, Uncle Collin came to the rescue by suggesting an visit to 'his' fire station to look at the fire trucks.

Since we
were headed to Elmwood for Sunday dinner anyway, we stopped by the station. Gabe was in heaven. In case you can't tell, he was literally jumping up and down with excitement at being able to be so close to (and even inside) the real fire trucks. Collin even let him turn on the lights, which was pretty cool, even for a mama who isn't into trucks. :)

Stay tuned for more pictures from the upcoming Train birthday party on Saturday.

Also, this picture was from a few weeks ago, but it is still fun and completely captures the essence of Gabe. The only thing you can't tell is missing from the photo is the barking dog sound effects that went along with him wearing my boots on his hands. He hasn't lost any of his toddler silliness by turning 3, that's for sure!

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