Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Me Too!

It seems like Claire's first words are going to be "Me Too!" since she wants to do everything that Gabe can do. If you give him a snack, she wants to eat it. If he is playing dump trucks, she wants to play. I captured this shot when they were having a shout-fest at each other after Gabe took away his cards that Claire was trying to play with. Normally this sort of thing makes me crazy as I spend the greater part of every day breaking up fights; but part of parenthood is remembering the good and the bad, so I took a picture instead of taking a side, and thereby found humor in the situation. I never would have guessed that sibling rivalry would take root so young.

Only a few minutes later, they were able to play peacefully together, which is how I got this shot. I love the random moment during any given day when they will do this and look forward to the time when they spend less time shouting and more time cooperating. (Please tell me that this time will come!)

However, one surefire way to get them to cooperate is for one of the parents to lay on the floor and have a "baby attack" - both kids

go crazy for this game. As you can see,
I was the victim this time. As I write this, I am noticing how more and more alike they are starting to look!

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Sarah said...

"Less time shouting and more time cooperating..." HA! In your dreams Hil! I think I spend more time shouting at Ben and Grace to cooperate. Ironic huh?