Sunday, April 26, 2009

Memory Lane

Something about this rainy Sunday put an Indigo Girls' song in my head, so I've been listening to a playlist of their music on my ipod most of the day. The Indigo Girls never fail to remind me of my former college roommate (and still great friend) Mel. When we first moved in together, we discovered that we were both fans, and we decided we would be the "Lavender Girls", an Indigo Girls cover band. We also took 2 semesters of group guitar lessons together, where neither of us really got it, and probably neither of us could play a G chord these days if we tried. But back in the day, before we were Gabe and Claire and Carter and Audrey's mama's, we had big dreams and a lot of fun. :)

Mom and Dad are leaving for Maui this Friday, so I also took a moment to look through the pictures on our computer from our two trips there in 2002 and 2004 to see if it sparked any memories of stuff they should be sure not to miss. Can you believe these two kids are us on our honeymoon? I can't believe we felt old enough to be married at that point. Boy, how time flies. And boy, would I love to go back to Hawaii - or anywhere where I can find more than 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep for 2 consecutive nights....

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Melissa said...

The Lavender Girls rock! And you're right. I couldn't play a G cord or any other cord for that matter these days. Maybe one day we'll find the time to brush up on our skills.