Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden Fever

Gabe got really into putting in the garden this past weekend... Really into it, as in, up to his elbows and knees. Why did God make boys again?!? He was quite proud of himself, yet did not enjoy me hosing him off afterward. Go figure.

Second Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, we met our good friends Abby and Reese at the photographer's studio to capture the joy of our two one-year-old girls (with a few big brother shots for good measure.) Unfortunately, the BFF's decided not to get along that day, so our grand idea was mostly a flop. And while Reese seemed to be all smiles for the camera, our kids were too far past their nap and less than cooperative. But Ann worked a miracle, and somehow still found some adorable shots of our kids, naughty's and all. Check it out at Timepiece

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Claire is getting so cool that Gabe will now imitate her, not just the other way around. This is her trick - holding her cup "no-handed" and drinking (or showing off)... So since I was taking her picture, Gabe wanted a picture of him doing it, too. Who looks more ridiculous??

"Mommy, Claire Looks Like Baa"

The other night we were eating pudding -- a first for Claire since we've learned she can eat dairy foods now - and predictably, she greatly enjoyed much that she stopped being fed via spoon and fed herself. As you can imagine, it got everywhere, mainly around her mouth. Gabe stopped eating his pudding and said "Look Mommy - Claire looks like Baa" since she had a pudding mustache and goatee. I think Jilly almost choked on his pudding he was laughing so hard.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Claire's Birthday, Part 2

The babygirl is officially 1! We celebrated the milestone yesterday with all 4 grandparents, plus Collin, Nicole, & Halle. While her cupcakes for the Milwaukee birthday were "Claire Bear" cakes, these were inspired by her other nickname, "Princess Cupcake". Thus the strawberry "crowns" on funfetti cupcakes. I got some great recipe ideas from a really fun book called Hello Cupcake! (can't wait to try out more of these for a future event!) so the frosting was divine, and while it's hard to top Funfetti cake, it was taken up a notch in richness by using buttermilk instead of water and adding an extra egg. Divinely delicious cupcakes, befitting a princess. Now that she is taking between 5 and 20 steps at a time, she was not only the guest of honor, but also the party entertainment. My favorite was watching her repeatedly give kisses to the baby doll Jesse and I picked out for her.

Hope you enjoy a few shots of the grand event. :)