Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Role Model

Gabe adores his Uncle Huck (as we all do, really.) And as you can see from the picture, the feeling is mutual. Despite the fact that one of Gabe's first complete sentences last summer was "Huck drinks beer", I think it's great for a boy to have an uncle as cool as Huck. Last night before Gabe went to sleep, we had a cute conversation about him.

G: Mama, Huck is my friend.
M: Yep - Huck is my friend too.

G: I like him - He's really crazy.
M: He sure is.
G: He's awesome.

Looks like you have an admirer, Huck... But wait to teach him how to drink 23 beers at a wedding till he's at least in his 20's, ok?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heiser-Turner Wedding

Last weekend we had all of our family and extended family visiting because my cousin Courtney was getting married to one of our dear family friends, Josh. They have such a sweet story - Courtney had a crush on Josh ever since meeting him at age 4, and after re-connecting at our wedding 18 years later, they were able to grow first a friendship and then a partnership, culminating in the wedding we had a blast at last Saturday. Here are some fun shots from the action-packed weekend:

Gabe and Claire had a blast sharing our playset with Nick and Ashley, our cousins from Boston. (Kate and Erin helped make the picture happen!)

Kate (22 weeks prego) poses with cutie Claire.

You can view about 100 more in our web album.


Claire is getting pretty adept as using a spoon... Except when she gets tired of it and just picks up the bowl instead.

Accessorizing Nakedness

All kids love to be naked, and ours are no exception. While Claire looks pretty cute sporting her newest gDiaper, Gabe showing off the new accessories we bought on a recent shopping trip with Nani is a bit concerning. I'm a little worried I have the next Mick Jagger living with us.

Tent crazy

Gabe is super excited about tents lately -- so much so that we pitched our backpacking one in our living room. He talked Grandma and Grandpa Gilles into hanging out with him in there, too.