Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Role Model

Gabe adores his Uncle Huck (as we all do, really.) And as you can see from the picture, the feeling is mutual. Despite the fact that one of Gabe's first complete sentences last summer was "Huck drinks beer", I think it's great for a boy to have an uncle as cool as Huck. Last night before Gabe went to sleep, we had a cute conversation about him.

G: Mama, Huck is my friend.
M: Yep - Huck is my friend too.

G: I like him - He's really crazy.
M: He sure is.
G: He's awesome.

Looks like you have an admirer, Huck... But wait to teach him how to drink 23 beers at a wedding till he's at least in his 20's, ok?


Aaron said...

haha, i love it :) by the time he's in his 20s i'm not sure i'll be able to drink that much beer....but clearly i can't drink that much beer now anyway!

Sarah said...

HA!!! I love it! "He's awesome"...gee where'd he get that word? Jesse?

Jesse said...

I guess it's possible I had some unintended influence :)