Monday, January 18, 2010

Long December

The lag in blogging during the month of December happened for many reasons. Mostly, I blame it on the baby -- baby Trey that is! Kate and Trey (and sometimes Huck) lived with us from Thanksgiving through New Year's while Kate did a guest rotation at the U of M, and our days were just too fun-filled (and the nights too short) to get any blogging done. However, I did take a lot of pictures of how much fun the kids had with their cousin - who knew that a 3-month-old could contribute so much to our daily activities? You can view the fun in this picasa web album.

during December we were fortunate to be visited by many of our nearest and dearest - family and friends by the dozen were in the area and stopped by to visit for a few hours to a few days. I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of driving this spring to reciprocate. Thanks to the out-of-towners (the Enwalds, Rozas's, Atkinsons, Richie, Genzs, Traynor-Herrons, and of course, the Heckers), for braving the drive to see us and for making our Christmas season so Merry and Bright. Also thanks to Nani and Baa and Grandpa and Grandma Gilles for spoiling us with gifts and great eating -- We love you!! Here's some images of the fun we had, including the Christmas Festivities and a few glimpses of the New Year's debauchery. (The picture at the right was taken during a peaceful moment Christmas Eve, before the gift-unwrapping frenzy. Can you believe they could both sit still and look that angelic simultaneously? It was a Christmas miracle.)


Katherin said...

Awesome post. I love, love, love that photo of your 2 little angels.

Melissa said...

Yeah! A new post! Love the adorable pics