Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The firefighter/Mario fiend turns FOUR!

This weekend we celebrated Gabe's 4th birthday in a big way. Big as in two parties, 4 cakes, over 20 kids and their parents at Party 1 and 13 loving family members at Party 2. Sledding. New Bikes. And did I mention the cakes were all made from scratch? Yeah. I'm crazy. I make no claims to the contrary. But with a kid this cool, how could I not?
The little firefighters and their folks enjoyed 45 carrot (cup)cakes with brown sugar-cream cheese frosting and orange raw sugar, recipe ala the Whimsical Bakehouse.

And later, for the Super-Mario-themed family party, we
had a yellow cake, covered in yellow chocolate ganache, flanked by gluten-and-dairy-free cupcakes that should have been decorated to be mushrooms had we enough time to add the mushroom spots. Oops. Jesse and I collaborated on this one - Jesse finding Mario and Luigi clip art that he printed and we embedded in the cakes. The cakes and ice cream gave Super-Gabe super-energy to tear through his great new gifts.

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend Gabe's big day and make him feel so loved. He is one lucky guy! To view more of the day's fun, view this Picasa Album.