Thursday, September 23, 2010

School and other stuff

Gabe took another step toward big-kid-dom with the start of preschool Sept 1. He is adjusting well and seems to really love it. Here's a shot of him on the first day -- doesn't he look old?!?!

Since Gabe gets to do something new and fun, I thought Claire should have something special to look forward to as well, so we signed her up for her first dance class. She loves to put on her special "dancy skirt" and twirl around with her friends Sylvia and Phoenix who are also in her class. In this picture she is showing me "passe" while eating a breadstick.


Abby said...

Wow! Gabe looks like such a big kid! And look at Clare, already multitasking, some day it's going be a beverage in her hand while she dances ;) Cute pics!!

Katherin said...


Melissa said...

OMG! They both look so big. I love that Claire is starting dance. Can't wait to get Audrey started :)