Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Claire's First Snowman

Claire typically has to be coaxed into doing anything outdoors when it's wintertime. For some reason snow and Claire do not mix. However, it was too beautiful out today to stay inside, so I talked her into her snowpants and we went out to enjoy the 16 inches of new snow. Because it's sunny we were able to build a snowman - her first one without the help of Gabe. We had a minor catastophe during the building when she leaned onto it and the head fell off. She started to cry and said "I was hugging him betauz just love him so much!" Once we fixed the damage and got the adornments on she was all smiles again. Here she is, giving a gentle hug to the snowman while she munches on a carrot (she wanted one because the snowman got to have one.) Then when we came in for lunch, she said "I hope it starts to dance when it's dark outside" (like in the story "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs)

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Melissa said...

Hooray for new posts! Looks like Gabe had a fabulous b-day. 5-WOW! Love the new pics