Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Monkey Turns 5!

Gabe is very proud to be celebrating his fifth (!!) birthday today, and we've done a bunch of fun things to commemorate the milestone. For some reason 5 seems like a bigger deal than being 4 - even though four was a great year for him with lots of wonderful changes, like learning to ride a bike, starting school, and being able to write his letters and numbers. We had a chinese-dragon-themed party with our friends on Sunday, where 55 cupcakes became a long "dragon" down the center of our table.

After the party, we had these left, which became snack for his preschool class today and a few more to enjoy with Nani and Baaa tonight at dinner. He was so excited for his turn to bring in snack at preschool because that means he also gets to be the "leader" in line to go outside for recess, his favorite part of the school day.

This morning we all woke up a bit early to have birthday banana pancakes and for him to open his gifts from us. Don't you wish you woke up this sunny every day? Even Claire was in a good mood, (which is a real rarity in the morning!)

Gabe was really pumped to get a Lego Combine, which we spent more than two hours building this morning. Boy, is it cool. And big! Money well spent. Once it was constructed he put it right to work harvesting the yellow square lego "bales" all through the living room and loading them into the little red Lego tractor he already has. Even more fun is in store when Nani and Baa come to bestow their birthday blessings on him tonight, and later this week we'll celebrate with the Heckers and Gilles's.

I can't wait to see how he continues to evolve as an intelligent, fun, lovable 5-year-old. The last 5 years has been amazing and I know he will continue to blow us away with his magical, infectious personality through the next five.
Gabe, when you someday are able to read this blog (maybe even as early as later this year, the way your computer and language skills are progressing!), I hope you know how much I love you. To the moon and back...

PS - After dinner with Nani and Baaa last night he got to open his gifts from them, including a new scooter "just like Ben's (Enwald)". This pic was too priceless to keep to myself.