Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mini Chefs

The kids are really into cooking right now (I wonder where they get that from?!?).
They love their play kitchen and Melissa & Doug foodstuffs, but they are starting to take it up a notch -- Gabe has been browsing recipes on the PBS kids website to cook at Grandma's house, and Claire gets out her special kid-knife from pampered chef anytime I'm making dinner because she wants to cut cheese or onions or fruit.
The other day they saw a cartoon snippet where they were making fruit salad, and Gabe asked if we could do that for snack. So he and Claire made a list of the fruits in the recipe, and we did the shopping together, and then after i washed the fruit they did all the prep (other than me cutting the cores out of the apple and pear.) They were so proud of themselves! And it was delicious too - they even shared with me (a little).

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